#6 The social medias of tomorrow

The sixth and last post on this blog – at least for a while, will focus on the future of social media. We know who the major players of today’s social media are, but if there is one thing we also know, it’s that change happens quickly. New services gain popularity, others fade away. This blogpost will look ahead and highlight two of the new social media platforms that might grow and become the Facebook of tomorrow.

This might sound a bit bombastic, however, even Facebook once started as a small project and the future social media channels must wander the same way.

– share text, video, pictures and music
Pheed is the site that allows you to share posts with text, images, audio or video, and regardless of the content type your followers can like, share and comment your post. What makes it differentiate from other social media platforms is that the service combines all the features in one easy to use app, whereas Instagram and Vine for example are more specialized in their respective areas. An interesting detail is that Pheed offers the opportunity to put up a pay wall for your account. Built in the app is the ability yo charge a subscription fee for those who want to follow you, which makes Pheed a good option for businesses wanting to make money on their digital channels. The key then is of course that the content is good enough to justify charging for.

Pheed is nothing revolutionary, but the platform has its strengths. It’s simple to use and gathers many different types of content in one place. The majority of today’s most popular social medias are specializing on one thing, but once the trend changes and we want to get together multiple content types into a single platform, Pheed is the sharpest platform on the market to offer this.


– it is all about voting
We all love to give our opinion on things, especially on social media. This is something that the creators of Thumb have realized to, and they created a platform just for that. On this app, people can give thumbs up or thumbs down to anything, from a new layout on your website to the outfit you are planning to wear on tonight’s event. Thumb is for both private users and companies, however, for businesses the service costs from $100 a month whereas for private users its free.

What attracts users to Thumb is the simplicity of the platform, and because engagement doesn’t require much effort the response is often strong. There is no need to write long comments or decide what you want to share – just hit the like button and move on to the next posts. This is a great way for companies to have people interact and get quick response on what the they like and dislike. 



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