#5 Pinterest

Pinterest was launched 2010 and has since then grown explosively. Today they have over 70 million users all over the world. While other social medias is all about what happened yesterday or what is happening right now, Pinterest is all about the future.

It is about inspirational content, and some of the most popular categories are food, DIY, crafts, beauty and fashion – where pinners, the people using this site, plan and dream of things they want to buy, crafts they want to make or looks they want to have. A perfect match for companies who provide these things to customers. Therefore, many companies have started using Pinterest to promote their business and increase sales. If you learn what attracts on Pinterest and manages to create pins that arouses interest the potential on this platform is tremendous.

Skärmavbild 2015-07-30 kl. 08.33.05

#1 Start your Pinterest account
You have to begin somewhere, and to create an account is a great start. Type in Pinterest’s web adress and click on “create account” and that will be the beginning of your prosperous pinning career.

#2 Create some boards
Whether your company is about boats, furniture, clothes or investment banking, there are different types of boards you could create. The important thing is that the type of pictures you pin in is of interest of your followers – focus on categorizing them into boards with different themes. That makes it easier for the pinners to follow the boards they are interested in.

#3 Start pinning
One of the most important factors to get more followers is to pin beautiful and inspirational pictures, closely followed by another important factor; to pin frequently and much. You should be aware of what kind of pictures the pinners are interested in, and at the same time create pins that goes in line with your brand. Pinterest is a great platform for pictures of a product that you want to sell and a way to illustrate how it can be used.

Skärmavbild 2015-07-30 kl. 08.21.20

#4 Get the “pin it” button
Make it easier to pin from other websites with a “pin it” button in your browser. In that way, pinning a picture that you love is not further away than two clicks – and you don’t even have to leave the website that you are browsing. Quick and easy.

Get followers and follow others
An inspiring board will get followers automatically, but that shouldn’t prevent you from giving pinners a little help to find your boards. One of the most effective ways to gain followers is to follow other pinners yourself.

#6 Share your pins
The next step is to share your pins with others. Either via your website, or other social media platforms. Make people a favor and inform them about your wonderful Pinterest!


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