#4 Fashion bloggers

During the last decade, the importance of fashion and lifestyle bloggers have grown immensely. Besides Carl Bildt, the former Swedish Foreign Minister, the majority of influential bloggers in Sweden are young females, blogging about fashion and their extravagant yet so normal everyday life. The largest swedish bloggers have hundreds of thousands of readers every week, visiting their sites and reading about whatever they have to say. Reaching out to all these people on a daily basis, having them visit your site and listen to what you have to say, is a position most companies only dream about.

Being a fashion blogger with thousands of readers makes them extremely powerful in terms of marketing, and when it comes to promoting products. By combining personal and commercial content on their blogs, fashion and lifestyle bloggers make the advertisement for products more reliable and personal and differentiates them from the traditional marketing medias. Being an intermediary between end customers and the companies, fashion and lifestyle bloggers have a better relationship with the customers and are usually seen as more trustworthy.

Since this market is relatively new, and growing rapidly – being on the forefront is a great way for companies to gain competitive advantage. By combining private and commercial content, fashion and lifestyle bloggers make the advertisement of products more reliable and personal than through traditional marketing. Instagram and blogs have therefore become important advertising channels for companies worldwide. Companies have started using product placement, recommendations, competitions and collaborations with fashion bloggers to reach their target market and differentiate them from other companies and brands. Companies have realized the impact fashion and lifestyle bloggers have on today’s society and pay hundreds of dollars to have their brand or a product mentioned on their social media channels.

Fashion bloggers are without a doubt the major digital influencers of today; creating a social media empire where they are the independent publishers and a strong force in the fashion industry. Replacing Vogue and celebrities such as actors and singers as the most important marketing players in fashion industry; sitting on front row on fashion shows, collaborating with large brands, starring in tv shows, being on the cover of magazines and even creating their own fashion brands and online stores. Definitely a group of powerful people companies should consider working with in order to promote their own business, a product or similar.



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