#6 The social medias of tomorrow

The sixth and last post on this blog – at least for a while, will focus on the future of social media. We know who the major players of today’s social media are, but if there is one thing we also know, it’s that change happens quickly. New services gain popularity, others fade away. This blogpost will look ahead and highlight two of the new social media platforms that might grow and become the Facebook of tomorrow.

This might sound a bit bombastic, however, even Facebook once started as a small project and the future social media channels must wander the same way.

– share text, video, pictures and music
Pheed is the site that allows you to share posts with text, images, audio or video, and regardless of the content type your followers can like, share and comment your post. What makes it differentiate from other social media platforms is that the service combines all the features in one easy to use app, whereas Instagram and Vine for example are more specialized in their respective areas. An interesting detail is that Pheed offers the opportunity to put up a pay wall for your account. Built in the app is the ability yo charge a subscription fee for those who want to follow you, which makes Pheed a good option for businesses wanting to make money on their digital channels. The key then is of course that the content is good enough to justify charging for.

Pheed is nothing revolutionary, but the platform has its strengths. It’s simple to use and gathers many different types of content in one place. The majority of today’s most popular social medias are specializing on one thing, but once the trend changes and we want to get together multiple content types into a single platform, Pheed is the sharpest platform on the market to offer this.


– it is all about voting
We all love to give our opinion on things, especially on social media. This is something that the creators of Thumb have realized to, and they created a platform just for that. On this app, people can give thumbs up or thumbs down to anything, from a new layout on your website to the outfit you are planning to wear on tonight’s event. Thumb is for both private users and companies, however, for businesses the service costs from $100 a month whereas for private users its free.

What attracts users to Thumb is the simplicity of the platform, and because engagement doesn’t require much effort the response is often strong. There is no need to write long comments or decide what you want to share – just hit the like button and move on to the next posts. This is a great way for companies to have people interact and get quick response on what the they like and dislike. 



#5 Pinterest

Pinterest was launched 2010 and has since then grown explosively. Today they have over 70 million users all over the world. While other social medias is all about what happened yesterday or what is happening right now, Pinterest is all about the future.

It is about inspirational content, and some of the most popular categories are food, DIY, crafts, beauty and fashion – where pinners, the people using this site, plan and dream of things they want to buy, crafts they want to make or looks they want to have. A perfect match for companies who provide these things to customers. Therefore, many companies have started using Pinterest to promote their business and increase sales. If you learn what attracts on Pinterest and manages to create pins that arouses interest the potential on this platform is tremendous.

Skärmavbild 2015-07-30 kl. 08.33.05

#1 Start your Pinterest account
You have to begin somewhere, and to create an account is a great start. Type in Pinterest’s web adress and click on “create account” and that will be the beginning of your prosperous pinning career.

#2 Create some boards
Whether your company is about boats, furniture, clothes or investment banking, there are different types of boards you could create. The important thing is that the type of pictures you pin in is of interest of your followers – focus on categorizing them into boards with different themes. That makes it easier for the pinners to follow the boards they are interested in.

#3 Start pinning
One of the most important factors to get more followers is to pin beautiful and inspirational pictures, closely followed by another important factor; to pin frequently and much. You should be aware of what kind of pictures the pinners are interested in, and at the same time create pins that goes in line with your brand. Pinterest is a great platform for pictures of a product that you want to sell and a way to illustrate how it can be used.

Skärmavbild 2015-07-30 kl. 08.21.20

#4 Get the “pin it” button
Make it easier to pin from other websites with a “pin it” button in your browser. In that way, pinning a picture that you love is not further away than two clicks – and you don’t even have to leave the website that you are browsing. Quick and easy.

Get followers and follow others
An inspiring board will get followers automatically, but that shouldn’t prevent you from giving pinners a little help to find your boards. One of the most effective ways to gain followers is to follow other pinners yourself.

#6 Share your pins
The next step is to share your pins with others. Either via your website, or other social media platforms. Make people a favor and inform them about your wonderful Pinterest!

#4 Fashion bloggers

During the last decade, the importance of fashion and lifestyle bloggers have grown immensely. Besides Carl Bildt, the former Swedish Foreign Minister, the majority of influential bloggers in Sweden are young females, blogging about fashion and their extravagant yet so normal everyday life. The largest swedish bloggers have hundreds of thousands of readers every week, visiting their sites and reading about whatever they have to say. Reaching out to all these people on a daily basis, having them visit your site and listen to what you have to say, is a position most companies only dream about.

Being a fashion blogger with thousands of readers makes them extremely powerful in terms of marketing, and when it comes to promoting products. By combining personal and commercial content on their blogs, fashion and lifestyle bloggers make the advertisement for products more reliable and personal and differentiates them from the traditional marketing medias. Being an intermediary between end customers and the companies, fashion and lifestyle bloggers have a better relationship with the customers and are usually seen as more trustworthy.

Since this market is relatively new, and growing rapidly – being on the forefront is a great way for companies to gain competitive advantage. By combining private and commercial content, fashion and lifestyle bloggers make the advertisement of products more reliable and personal than through traditional marketing. Instagram and blogs have therefore become important advertising channels for companies worldwide. Companies have started using product placement, recommendations, competitions and collaborations with fashion bloggers to reach their target market and differentiate them from other companies and brands. Companies have realized the impact fashion and lifestyle bloggers have on today’s society and pay hundreds of dollars to have their brand or a product mentioned on their social media channels.

Fashion bloggers are without a doubt the major digital influencers of today; creating a social media empire where they are the independent publishers and a strong force in the fashion industry. Replacing Vogue and celebrities such as actors and singers as the most important marketing players in fashion industry; sitting on front row on fashion shows, collaborating with large brands, starring in tv shows, being on the cover of magazines and even creating their own fashion brands and online stores. Definitely a group of powerful people companies should consider working with in order to promote their own business, a product or similar.


#3 Cash & Rocket tour


Cash & Rocket isn’t like any other charity event. Starting in 2012, an annual roadtrip is held in Europe to raise both awareness and money for children and women in Africa. It was founded by Julie Brangstrup, a danish business woman, who every year invites 70 influential women in the fashion industry to participate in this tour; driving during the day and having cocktails at glamorous events at night. This year, the four day long tour started in London and the participants drove in luxury cars through Paris, Lyon and Milan before finally arriving to Cannes just in time for the annual film festival. While having an unforgettable experience, the women do their best to raise money to one of the three non-profit organisations Cash & Rocket collaborates with, and this year they raised $1.65 million USD to the women-focused charities on their tour.

This fundraising event has got a lot of attention since it started in 2012, both on social media and in newspapers and magazines*. But how to transform your charity from a normal, one-in-the-crowd kind of charity to a one-of-a-kind charity? And with the help of social media?


One of the key factors behind the success of this organisation is the famous and influential women supporting and taking part in this event. Valentino’s co-creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, models Arizona Muse and Selita Ebanks, fashion journalist Sofi Fahrman and Editor-in-Cheif of Grazia Italia Silvia Grilli are some of the powerful women joining from all over the world. Also, the partners of Cash & Rocket consists of Valentino, Aston Martin, The Dorchester and Maserati among other high-end companies – making this event even more spectacular, and reaching out to a broad audience.

Being active on social media, these women influence over thousands of ladies and gentlemen across the globe, every day. By using their various social media platforms during the roadtrip they’re not only sharing their adventure with their followers, but also raising awareness of the fundraising to help women and children in Africa. And even though some might argue that the event is too extravagant and lavish — it’s all for a good cause, and money that wouldn’t otherwise have been raised could now be given to the charity organisations. People’s interest in these powerful women and their ability to impact people via their social media platforms is the very foundation this fundraising event. They do not only make charity the latest fashion, but uses their popularity to raise awareness and inspire people to donate money and contribute to improve the lives of many.

With social media as a powerful tool, these 70 women and partnering companies made Cash & Rocket become an extraordinary fundraising event – not only by raising money, but by showing that good things can be done when people come together and use social media for a greater cause.

* Press coverage in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Elle, The Huffington Post, Condé Nast Traveler, The Daily Mail Australia and more.

Want to read more about this fundraising event? Their webpageFacebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube 

#2 The Royal Family


It is not uncommon to talk about the King and Queen of Social Media; the importance of content, context and distribution when posting anything on social media. I’m going to devote this blog post to the real King and Queen. The King and Queen of Sweden that is.

This weekend, 13th of June 2015, it was the Swedish Royal Wedding. A great celebration of love where Prince Carl Philip, the only son and second of three children, got married to his Sofia – a “girl of the people”. It was a beautiful wedding with prominent guests from all over Europe, lavish decor and expensive dresses. People were out in the streets celebrating the newlyweds and to catch a glance at the couple when they rode a cortège through the city of Stockholm. The newlyweds, strikingly beautiful, smiled and waved to everyone from their carriage. But instead of waving back, the people who had come down to celebrate the couple were focused on their smartphones; clicking frenetically on the screen to get the best possible picture for their Instagram account, instead of enjoying the moment and waving back. Odd some would say? Welcome to 2015 and the era of social media.

Even the Royal Family have their own Facebook (facebook.com/kungahuset) and Instagram (instagram.com/kungahuset) account. I doubt King Carl XVI Gustaf is the one doing the updates himself, but that’s probably for the better. Either way, this is a great way for the royal family to keep everyone who is interested updated about their current projects and events. Instead of having to go through traditional media, the royal family can now report directly to the Swedish people through their various accounts. Everything from announcing a proposal or the birth of a new prince to give updates from a recent state visit or a charity gala they’ve attended is done via their social media platforms nowadays.

But how can this affect people’s opinion about the royal family, and in what way has it already done so? First of all, similar to both companies and personalities using social media, this can be either very beneficial for them and their brand — or not. For the royal family, who has constantly been criticized by many for being old fashioned and represent an outmoded era, social media has been a way to change the perception of the family. And Sweden is not the only country where you can find Their Royal Majesties on Facebook and Instagram; other royal families in Europe, such as the British and Norwegian royalties, are also active users and have received good response from the public.  With thousands of followers, commenting, liking and talking about the royal families whenever something new is posted about them.

The social media platforms is not only a great forum for the fans and supporters of the royal families, but also a place for the royal families to handle different crisis that may occur, and a big opportunity to take control over what is being posted about them on the internet. That being said, not everything can be controlled about what is written about the royal family – especially not on the internet when everyone can share their opinion and create a debate.

Social media is much about the communication between to parties, however, when it comes to the King and Queen and their social media accounts, it’s more about providing information to their followers rather than having actual conversations. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t benefit from the comments they receive from their followers, and see what posts are most popular among the people.

So maybe the new King and Queen of social media is the actual real life royalties sitting with a crown on their head, waving to the peasants from their castle (ehm sorry, I mean posting a selfie on Instagram). And this might also be evidence that social media is for everyone – because if the most traditional and old fashioned institution can manage to stay relevant by using social media, so can everyone else.

#1 Business and Social Media

Most brands and companies – at least those striving to create a close relationship with their customers – have one or several accounts on social media today. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular platforms, but among the social media channels used by companies we can also find Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat. So the question is: Why do companies and brands use social media? It’s simple. They want to reach out to their customers, interact with them and promote their products in order to drive sales. What is not as simple is how to do it successfully. There are many companies and brands trying to promote their business and extend their reach through social media without success.

So, how do you create a successful social media platform? The goal is to become a brand the customers want to follow and get updates from. And to do so you have to be relevant and provide the right type of content for the customers. It is very important for a company to know it’s target market in order to post content that appeals to them and makes them want to take action. And since much of social media is about communication – let your followers speak. Ask them what they want to see, what posts they like and how you could improve. The advantage of likes in social media is that it’s an easy way to measure how the followers receive your posts – whether they like it or not and what posts are the most popular.


Much is about getting attention, and standing out among the other thousands of thousands of Facebook pages and Instagram accounts belonging to companies and brands. But then the most important thing is not how many people you reach, but how people react to it and what they do with the information. A post that reaches one million people is worth nothing if it is forgotten straight away, but if a post reaches half a million and people decide to take action, you have a winning concept!

Then of course, to get there you have to put some time and effort into the things you decide to share with your followers. Everybody’s feeds are constantly flooded with content, so quality over quantity is the key. It is, however, important to remember to keep your social media platforms updated on a regular basis to stay relevant.

And lastly, how do you choose what platform you should use for your company? The answer to this question depends on what kind of company you have and who your target market is. There are many different types of social media users: the twitterers, the facebookers, the instagrammers etc. To succeed you have to be where your target market is, even though they are on several different platforms. So for some companies one social media channel is enough, and for others “the more the merrier” should be applied.